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Gulf Property

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Gulf Property is a progressive monthly business publication dealing with the Middle East’s real estate, construction, building materials, interiors and lifestyle sectors.  Published by Pan Asian Media MFZ-LLC, it is printed and distributed with Gulf News with a print run of 20,000 copies every month. Launched in October 2008 – when the global financial crisis hit the Gulf economies like a tsunami and wiped out gains in the real estate and construction sectors.


A few continued their journey in the economically most challenging and trying times where only the fittest could survive. Gulf Property is one of them. It is the only recession-proof real estate magazine to have continued its publication when all others disappeared.


Gulf Property has overcome the challenges of the current economic recession and has successfully completed seven years of publishing, without a fail – at a time when most other publications in the same field has either collapsed or disappeared. Within this difficult phase, it has not only continued publication, but also has, in fact, maintained the same size, print run and high standard, without compromising on the quality. Gulf Property is different, better and offer real value to readers.


The magazine thrives on providing news and information that its readers would be interested in and find real value in. A team of experts work in advance to select a series of topics and issues that are close to the hearts of hundreds of real estate professionals and to thousands of investors. People with a wealth of knowledge on real estate and construction have been engaged to provide the real time information and market intelligence report for the readers.

Gulf Yearbook

Gulf Yearbook is an annual publication that chronicles the most important global, regional and national events that help reshape public lives. It’s a collectors’ item with in-depth research and analyses on selected topics for those who want to know and care about life.


In addition to the chronology of the most important events that shapes our lives and the world, the 300-400 page Gulf Yearbook will also run analyses and executive opinion on key issues and developments.


Gulf Yearbook will fulfil a very significant information and knowledge gap prevailing in the market for decision-makers, business leaders, academicians, researchers and students. The publisher would like to print more than 27,500 copies to help penetrate the corporate and highly placed professionals, businessmen, academicians, researchers, students, etc.


The product offers unrivalled opportunity for marketing and advertisement for companies, brands that want to be part of a prestigious and noble cause.

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Bangladesh Business Directory

The annual Bangladesh Business Directory – UAE is aimed to promote Bangladeshi investments into the UAE and foreign direct investment into Bangladesh from the GCC region. It is also aimed at promoting Bangladeshi business community in the UAE.


Bangladesh, as a nation, is on the move and its economy has been growing at 7.3 per cent over the last six years at the backdrop of a global recession. The country’s socio-economic progress has been an outstanding success story – a story that has not been told properly and completely to the global audience.


The South Asian country has come a long way – silently but steadily – during the last 50 years of its existence, in fighting poverty, child mortality, illiteracy, malnutrition, gender parity, and health. It is a country that has been battered by military rule, devastated by famine, challenged by natural disasters – cyclone, floods and draughts.


However, the nation of 160 million people has now become self-sufficient in food-grain production – from being a country of acute food shortages in the 1970s – when its population was less than half, or 75 million. The country’s per capita gross domestic product (GDP) has already crossed $1,192 – jumping more than three times in two decades when it has reduced poverty while increasing primary and secondary enrolment and reducing literacy – it is currently on its way to become a middle-income country by 2021 when it celebrates its Golden Jubilee.

Despite having its share of challenges and disasters Bangladesh has succeeded in meeting most of the goals set by the United Nations under the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs). Moreover, the country is now shifting government services towards online platform under the Digital Bangladesh programme. It is also expanding physical and soft infrastructure to accelerate GDP growth to 8-10 per cent.


Nearly 10 million Bangladeshis live, work and do business in foreign countries and they collectively remit more than $14.75 billion to the country every year. More than 1 million Bangladeshis live in the UAE and they own about 20,000 business entities, employing nearly 100,000 people.


It is a country of moderate Muslims and today stands as a good example of a democratic nation with a pluralistic society. Bangladesh nationals have a lot of good reasons to celebrate their country’s 45th Independence Day. Heartiest Felicitations and Congratulations!

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Indian Business Directory

Indian Business Directory and Investment Handbook – UAE is an annual publication based on 50,000-strong database of Indian-owned companies in the UAE.


The contents of the directory include an investment handbook, a business guide spread into many segments that include: Investment climate in India; Doing business in India; Economic opportunities in India; Sourcing products and services from India; List of more than 50,000 Indian-owned companies in the UAE; Profiles of prominent Indian businessmen in the UAE and basic facts on India and UAE-India relations.


This complete glossy colourful publication is circulated among investors, senior government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, decision makers, industrial and professional groups, libraries, archives, research institutions for free of cost. More than 25,000 copies (up to 100,000 copies) are distributed in the GCC and India free of charge.

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